djpro2 keyboard tab behaviour?

Have been playing around with keyboard mapping and keyboard behaviour and there are 2 annoying thing’s I can’t figure out…

  1. when pressing tab when playlist folder or playlist is active, pressing tab will enter to edit mode, so many times renamed when not really wanted to

  2. when library inspector is hidden, it can be opened to be visible with correct key combination, but that won’t affect to tab functionality, ie pressing tab and you won’t get focus on the queue list, although when you use “mouseclick” to focus a song in the queue list, then the queue list will be available also possible to use with tab

2 most annoying things so far, any idea how to configure key mapping correctly

And when using controller to change the focus, the queue won’t be reachable and then you need to again and again click click keyboard of the laptop…

Would be nice if there is a keyboard mapping to focus to queue
or way to define how tab behaves
playlist folder/playlist -> songs -> queue