DJPro3 for Mac Book Pro - Coming Sept 2020

I heard a story in the back channels that Algoriddm will be releasing a subscription based version of DJPro3 for Mac users by September 2020. 

Apparently, they are waiting for Spotify to fall away in June 2020. Then they will release the new format with Spotify removed and a host of new features added.

I am looking forward to the release!

This release will add some much needed cred to this software.

DJPRO3 for iOS has many improvements over DJPRO2 for MAC. I am looking forward to gaining access to all of them when using a MAC. 

Back Channel wise, I am not at liberty to share how I came in contact with the information. Just stay tuned in and you will see the announcement. 

COVID could delay things, due to strategic marketing elements. DJ’s aren’t working at this time so a launch while COVID still has venues shut down, could have a reduced impact.

When you say “I heard a story in the back channels”, where was this information?

If this did become reality I think that users would want to see that subscription cover all platforms with the ability to sync across all platforms.

What is it about DJAY Pro3 that you’ve heard that makes you excited for it?