DMX, Midi, OSC triggers from djay PRO AI

I’m loving djay PRO AI. In addition I use LightJams to control lights and other fixtures. LJ has the ability to take triggers from other consoles/software via DMX, Midi or OSC to name a few.

Is it possible for djay PRO AI to send any of these signals like a Midi message (maybe at a cue point for instance) so other devices could be triggered?

Hey, @tfmeier - First of all, we’d like to apologize for the delayed response.

We’re glad to hear you love the app! It’s super cool that you’re also into the visual component of things.

Currently, djay Pro AI can’t send MIDI notes triggered by events. Feel free to suggest this as a feature request in our Suggestions section of the Community, though, where other users can vote for it as well!