Do Djay Pro really play Spotify music at 320k as stated? Looks like not the case. Help!


I experiment a significant loss of quality when I play my spotify 320k songs through Djay Pro.

I have my songs downloaded in my Windows laptop at high quality (320 kbps), which I then listen on my high-fi sound system. The sound is pristine, cristalline, warm, etc. Well, great sound.

When I play the same songs through Djay Pro (v1.0.26524.0 with Windows 10 Home 1709), where I have set up Spotify stream to 320k as default, the sound is more compacted,less envolving. Tthere is a blatant loss of quality that is perfectly recognizable by any ear.

I have tried with several songs, tested with many people. The outcome is the same:

There is definitely a significant (and annoying) loss of quality when the song is played throuh Djay Pro. And I mean it: significant.

Happy to hear from the support team and the community why this happens to me and how to fix it. I need high quality audio all the time!

Thank you

Hello Bruno,

I made a test here:

same track on a 320 mp3 and on Spotify, one on each deck synced and jumped from one to another and I couldn’t feel any significant quality diference.

I am using djay pro 2 for Mac.

I made the same test several times, and I can not hear/notice any quality difference on my DJ systems based on Mac. However, the wave analysis done by Djay varies in size and color, even being the same stuff…
Using Macbook Pros, latest generation, and Djay Pro 2.0

Thank you for sharing Anadalin,

Well…could it be a Windows-related issue then? Looking forward to read from the community and the Support team…

Thank you Rogerfunky. So, again, could that be a problem with the Windows version only? looking forward to reading from the algoriddim team…