do i need a controller to use djay?

before I buy this app i need to know if i have to have a controller to use it??. I currently do not and no point is spending $50 just to find out i need to spend another $100 plus on a controller to use it

You can use Djay pro surprisingly good without a controller if you are willed to learn Keyboardshortcuts.

All Knobs and faders are controllable with your Trackpad with the Scroll gesture.

However I would highly recommend to get a proper Midi controller.
It’s a lot faster to tilt a knob than moving the cursor to the right position.

Hope this helps you :wink:


Thank you, Lennart, for your answer! Yes, you can use djay Pro without a controller, just by Keyboard Shortcuts and Trackpad.

Give it a try! You can still decide on a controller, afterwards.