Do I need to buy Neural Mix Pro if I already bought DJ Pro AI?

Hi! Can someone explain the difference between the Neural mix effects included in Djay pro AI and the Neural mix stand alone? Is there a reason for someone who bought Djay pro (and liking it) to buy neural mix? Is Neuralmix stand alone doing something you cant do in DPAI or doing it better?

The difference is that if you are making your own remixes, mashups etc…
you can save acapellas, beats etc with the standalone Neural Mix Pro.

In djPro you do the isaolation as “live”, if you mess up the paramters, redoing it’s much harder.
And you can only save the “current” live audio.

In neuralmix pro you can fine tune unlimited times different parameters and export again and again e until you feel the exported audio is ok for further use.
And you can save “all” isolated track parts you want in 1 export command.


Why you would spend money on it. The most commercial apps are build on Spleeter which is open source. Also if you prefer a nicely made macOS app consider RX9 ( Music Rebalance) as well. For me it sounds some better.

Hi @DJ1Stream,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your interest in djay Pro AI and Neural Mix Pro for Mac. I’ll be happy to add a bit more information to what @dj_romy_fi has shared here.

Please note that djay Pro AI and Neural Mix Pro are two separate stand-alone apps available for Mac. While both apps include Neural Mix’s™ powerful capabilities, the two apps provide very different functionality.

To give you a little more information about djay Pro AI for Mac, this is our newest DJ app completely rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate the power of Apple’s M1 chip. With the new software, we’ve been able to introduce many new features and tools that have been in high demand from our user community. This includes all-new Neural Mix features and tools that are available with the PRO subscription. For more information, please visit our website or watch this introductory video.

djay Pro AI is available as a free download from the Mac App Store with the optional PRO subscription. With the PRO subscription, you gain full access to all PRO features in djay Pro AI on your Mac and iOS devices.

Our other app for Mac, Neural Mix Pro, is an AI-powered music player & editor for producers, DJs, and musicians. Now available in the Mac App Store, this stand-alone app allows you to create and export beat-precise loops, change tempo, and transpose the key of a song, all while removing vocals, percussive, or harmonic parts in real-time. For more information, please visit our website or watch this introductory video.

Neural Mix Pro is available as a free download with a one-time in-app purchase option. The in-app purchase provides full export functionality of extracted acapellas and instrumentals for use in your favorite DJ or music production software.

Let me know if you have any other questions!