DJs Beware!

Your website lists all the “gear” that is compatible with your software. I, personally, was split between 2 different Pioneer controller models. The DDJ-1000 and the DDJ-SX3. Both similar in price and features. On your site, I noticed a little asterisk on the DDJ-1000. You listed, in short, that not all features of that device is supported by your software. To me, the consumer, that raised a red flag. I don’t want to buy something if I can’t utilize its capabilities 100%. So, I moved on my purchase of the DDJ-SX3.
Upon receiving the SX3, I downloaded the driver from Pioneer - success. Connected it to your software and that’s where many issues arose.

  1. The crossfader didn’t work under the settings of my previous Reloop controller. The settings I’ve grown accustomed to. So, I tried to adapt.
    Under Devices - I switched to “External Mixer” mode, because the Crossfader will not work under “Internal Mixer” mode.
  2. Now the crossfader works on the controller, but being the techie that I am and used to looking at my screen to double check which deck is playing, External Mixer mode does not display the crossfader on screen. Whatever I guess, moving forward.
  3. In “External Mixer” mode, Pre-cueing is not available! This renders the use of headphones… useless! A DJ without headphones?!
  4. I use Autoplay for long sitting portions of an evening. In “External Mixer” mode, you can’t use Autoplay… ever. I tried switching “Internal Mixer” mode for Autoplay. What that does is play on Deck A and then when it’s supposed to fade to Deck B, it blasts it at top volume and the only thing you can do to stop it is just that, stop it. Adjusting the Fader, Trim or even the Master volume won’t stop it. You need to hip pause or cue unless you want your clients to go deaf.

I emailed you on some of these issues and the reply I received was hazy and robotic. Indicating to me that you’re in no hurry to fix these issues. I’m posting this to help my fellow DJ brothers and sisters. You need to put an asterisk next the SX3 on your website because I feel you are false advertising! I should’ve gone with the DDJ-1000; because now you’ve left me with a Pioneer brick.

Would you recommend switching software?

While the DDJ-SX3 does require external mixer mode (because of how the controller’s audio routing works internally), it does also support pre-cueing via separate audio channels.

When connecting the controller, all required audio settings will be configured automatically in djay Pro, including internal settings specific to the DDJ-SX3 that are not available via djay Pro’s user interface. In order to pre-cueing please ensure to not change the audio settings after connecting the controller.

As for the crossfader not being visible on screen, this is due to the fact that all audio mixing is done inside the controller, so djay does not control the fader positions. This is also why Automix is not supported with external mixer mode. On the plus side, thanks to external mixer mode the DDJ-SX3 has the ability to add its own audio effects to the mix.

I hope that helps!

Hahahahahahaha Dan that’s amazing! Generally, people that are "Professional DJs’ can at least spell it correctly. 

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Thank you for getting in touch.

Do you accept the controller device settings dialog window when you connect the SX 3 to your Mac?

The device is being used in external mixer mode and natively supported (as the device is an external mixer). Please make sure it is setup correctly as pre cueing is treated exernally by the device itself.

If you have any question please contact us right away via


Lukas E.

There are no issues.

You’re just a simpleton who bought a $1,000 controller but doesn’t know what “external mixing” means.

Go back to school.

I have the same problem!!

I was happy with my SX3 and it is not 100% compatible.

The same happens to me. Even what I want is to mix video, and if the crossfader does not work, then I can not mix video, I have to do it with the mouse.

I wrote an email and I’m still waiting for an answer. I hope they fix it !!

My English is not very advanced. Sorry.

Yesterday I tested again. It is true that the crossfader worked just in Djay pro. But when changing the audio settings, it stopped working even if you reconfigured the audio as it was before.

Likewise, this is not a solution. I use the Atomix for ambient music before the party. And it is very annoying that at first it works and then not.

Thanks, also, for the clarification.

It sounds perfect to me. I have no problems.

The crossfader is still not working (I use the volume of the channels) I work with the SX3

Thanks for the clarification. But man, this is not cool.
This is unfortunately such a huge show stopper. You have got to put an asterisk next to the ‘supported gear’ list.

I just bought an brand new sx3 only to come across the same issues and this thread.

Is there ANY way to use the cross fader and automix in the future?!?

I’m so annoyed about this, as I had been looking forward to working with this controller this weekend.

Also, the audio gets distorted and breaks up. On a Sierra MacBook Pro that worked beautifully in the previous set up with my reloop controller.

Doesn’t do it in Serato and no audio issues there.

What’s the deal here?

Can u tell me whether u advise I should return the controller?

And still no support for sx3 on Windows system … very unprofessional for a ‘certified pioneer’

Wow - thanks for the advice! I’m glad you took the time out of your busy life to help me out!

Now, instead of being such the “man” you seem to be Dan… why not help? Do you have the SX3? Do you use Djay Pro 2 with it? If these answers are yes - help people. Otherwise, shut your mouth and move one

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