Do not disturb button

I think it would be great to have a ‘do no disturb’ button in the Djay app.
When I was playing at a party on Saturday friends tried to Face Time me a few times which interrupted the party. I also got a few iMessages interfering with the music. Using airplane mode was not an option as I had to be connected for iCloud streaming.
I think this would be a great feature.

Update to ios7 & use the built in DND

I experienced this a few times as well, which can be embarrassing :slight_smile:

You have my vote!

We recommend using the Control Center in iOS 7 for this.

Please open the Settings app, go to “Do Not Disturb” and select “Always” under “Silence”. Otherwise DND only applies while the iPhone is locked.

Hey Warren,

When the Djay app is open and running, DND is not working. People can still face time or send messages.
We need something that shuts down all of this in the app.