Do Not Play List

I was interesting in how some of you might manage a “Do not Play List” I have lots of play list for different things and I do different venues. However some venues have their own do not play list. If I have a list 1700 songs not to play that could cut across several of my existing lists it is hard in realtime to identify a song as do not play short of having an assistant checking the list each time. It is like I need “subtractive playlists.” Any Ideas?

First, do you have all 1700 songs? If you do, and This may lengthy process, but if you simply put check marks by all of the songs by playing them beforehand which djay Pro automatically does you’ll see the songs are already checked which means either they’ve already been played or they’re do not play songs.

I do not have all 1700 songs but this list applies to any event I do associated with FIRST organization. I am looking for some solution where I can tag them one time as do not play at FIRST event. When I am at a FIRST event it is somehow obvious that they are out of bounds.

For the most part I can tell but everyone in a while there is something on their list that although may not make sense to me I still want to honor.

I may have play lists for walk in music and high octane music etc but in any of these when I am at that event they cannot be played if on the do not play list. But certainly want to keep them in my library for other events.

Checking before hand would work but I would have to do it each time. Maybe I could put all those songs in a playlist then turn on auto mix and then just flip the slider back and forth until they are all checked off.

I was wondering what ideas people might have.