Do not reset FX settings

A couple of wego3 fx niggles.

  1. I spent an hour or so playing with the sugarbytes fx before work to find my fav fx. When I turned the iPad on at work any fx setting I made was lost. So it was a waste of time :-/ can the fx settings store pls?
  2. Everytime you load a new song the dry /wet setting resets itself. When djing in front of 900 folks I dont want to keep messing about with dry wet just cos I loaded a new song. The sugarbytes fx are big and crazy. They need to come in the mix nicely to sound good. it’s too easy to crash the effect in ‘wet’ because of the reset.
    But man I love the fx… more pls !!! :slight_smile:

I changed this into a feature request. Good point!