Do the new cheap Ipads have enough processing power?

I have a question regarding processing power of Ipads. I am at the verge of Updating my Setup as I am reaching the limits of my “old” Ipad (4th Generation) in combination with Beatpad 1. If I want to use all 4 channels with FX etc. on Djay Pro, my Ipad is starting too lag to the point that the audio is affected too. I suppose it just can’t process quick enough. I was about to buy an Ipad Pro but they are expensive, especially since there is a new version around the corner and the price didn’t really drop. Now Apple just released the new Ipad (the low end stuff, for 350 € ish) but does that Ipad cut it regarding processing power? and does it have enough RAM? I read Djay Pro was originally Programmed for the Ipad Pro, hence my question.
Any feedback would be much APPreciated :wink:

Everything I have read so far is positive in regards to the 5th gen ipad. It is supposed to actually have more processing power than air 2’s (I have a 128g ver). The only downside to the new ipad is the screen resolution and weight. The resolution is on par with pre retina ipads and it weights about the same as an air 1 (It has the same footprint and size as well - all air 1 cases fit the new 5th gen ipad). It IS rocking souped up processing specs though. Hope that helps.

Works perfect with my ipad 2017 (32 Gb ) and a Beatpad 2

been using pro on an air 1 ( & reloop beatpad 1) for years, no problems so far, wouldn’t go any lower than the air 1 , they are all over the face book marketplace for about 200 or less … not sure about the new “low end” ipads, just make sure you get more than 16gbs for space, especially if you do weddings or variety events. UPDATE:
ok i just went to apple website, i see what your saying, says it has an A9 chip so i think it should be cool ,…