Does Algoriddim plan to create audio drivers using AudioDriverKit for iPadOS 16?

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I am a beginner DJ. I have been researching which hardware is compatible with Djay. There is a list in the Algoriddim website.

I prefer being able to use my iPad Pro 11-in 2018 model with this application but don’t have the capable DJ controller or hardware to pull that off. I have a Pioneer DJ controller and the model is a DDJ-800. It is currently not compatible. I know it is possible to individually map every single knob and fader but that would take way too long. What I would like to do is to use the MIDI Learn feature that Djay gives to controllers that are compatible. It would also be cool to use built-in effects from this controller instead of the ones that are only in the application.

Aside - In a time of subscriptions, Pioneer DJ is now charging an arm in a leg for Rekordbox 6 and Djay is more appealing at $30-$50/year, charging half or a third of Pioneer’s base subscription “Core” plan ($100/year) and bringing features like DVS for mobile and audio visuals to the forefront.

Anyway - I started thinking. I looked over to my controller and noticed on the jog wheels a message appears when connected to the iPad. It says that there is “No Audio Driver.” So I did a little bit of research and came across this video in WWDC22 and this article there as well called Creating drivers for iPadOS.

To summarize in iPadOS 16 and above there will be an iPadOS version of DriverKit and more specifically AudioDriverKit. With this software developers can create audio drivers to complement certain pieces of hardware (MIDI controllers and such). There is a but however. To access this new feature one needs to have an M1 iPad (Air or Pro for now). As someone who doesn’t like planned obsolescence, I found this disappointing from Apple’s part.

I guess my main question is does Algoriddim have plans to use this feature to its advantage? And if not…can a person who has an iPad with an M1 chip create an audio driver specifically for the Pioneer DDJ-800 using AudioDriverKit? Or a Pioneer DJ controller in general that isn’t compatible with Djay? I believe this move to bring DriverKit to iPad is a push to integrate Apple’s DAW Logic Pro in the future as well.

Thoughts and comments? Thank you for your time.


I am uncomfortable with the term “planned obsolescence.”
You’re not still driving a 1973 Dodge, are you?
Apple is a hardware company - they rely on “moving the metal” to keep their business model working, and that involves releasing improved, upgraded equipment and the software that runs (on) it.
If this didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have djay or neuralmix or Tidal etc etc. and be stuck using Apple IIe and IIc, which weren’t all that convenient to carry around or stick in your back pocket.
You’re asking for a certain functionality or compatibility to be added - a bridge between your computer and chosen software and another company’s equipment. you shouldn’t be surprised at possibly having to upgrade/crossgrade something to do that- it’s the compromise part of having the technologies - or wait to have enough people to tell the people that do this make their message heard by the right people and have them act on it. (how would you be if it didn’t work absolutely correctly once they make the effort?)
remember: cheap, fast, good - pick two. Then again, you can do the work “that would take way too long” and find that out for yourself

I don’t drive a '73 Dodge (that is oddly specific) but mine is a workhorse of a car. Don’t get me wrong I am an Apple “fan boy” myself. I have a few devices from them. However, I think it is reasonable to hold them to account when they slip.

The reality of the matter is that life presents uncomfortable situations. Sorry that I made you “uncomfortable” but that is just my opinion of the matter that this move on their part was “planned obsolescence.” Apple is both a software and hardware company. They could have easily created code that didn’t just rely on the M1 chip but on earlier versions of A12X and A12Z chips. They have a massive budget and massive reach.

Now what someone on the Apple forums told me (without trying to break NDA) was that this move to just integrate M1 for iPadOS DriverKit might be a strategy that Apple has in the future. My guess is to create a seamless platform for Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro integration in iPadOS.

Thanks for your message @heartwithreason! It’s indeed great to see Apple adding support for audio drivers on M1 with iPadOS 16, which can be used to add support for audio devices that are not USB class compliant, but writing drivers would be up to the hardware manufacturers.

We have let Pioneer DJ know about this upcoming possibility, but we have no insight into their plans regarding this. Please feel free to also reach out to them directly to let them know your interest in this.

Ok, thank you for your reply!

As a developer I can tell you this is easily not the case.

Why is this not the case?

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A12 is ancient by now. M1 is related to the A14. There are multiple hardware revisions (including I/O - Thunderbolt / USB generations) between all of these.

Apple’s hardware and software features are often closely related, meaning software functionality is made possible due to specific hardware implementations. You can bet your life Apple also included a bunch of (hardware) security measures before it enables stuff likes this.

Even something which seems straightforward at first glance, like the new boot chime for the iPhone 14 Pro models, often only works because there is custom CPU (e.g. A16) functionality especially for that feature.

I am always weary when someone calls a piece of tech “ancient” when it’s been on the market within the last 5 years. Maybe I am a cheapskate but I like to preserve my tech and not be a consumer all the darn time. This society is so darn consumeristic. Ok fine, A12X or Z (which is fairly superior to A12 btw) is “ancient” in the first world. Just today I got wind of some research that Lew from Unbox Therapy aka. Lew Later did and he found out that there are around 1 billion active iPhones in the world. Of those 1 billion, roughly a third are phones that are 3.5 years older or even older. I am one of those people. I have an iPhone 6S that still runs and isn’t cracked. Why? Because I take care of my tech. I should mention I have upgraded to a Samsung phone though. I got it for a third (maybe a fourth including the AppleCare+ warranty) of the price of a new iPhone.

Here is link to the video of Lew: Lew’s Research

Yes, it’s probably mostly about security. But why is it a hardware flaw and not just a software flaw? Why can’t we have a right to repair frame of mindset rather than a “oh it stopped working, now I have to throw it out and buy a new one” mindset. It’s mostly a psychological and societal problem rather than a tech one. iPhones are luxury items at this point.

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Keep in mind the CPU designs get locked 2 to 3 years before release.

Anyways, I’m just approaching it from a technical point of view. As you are probably aware, Apple has most likely the best track record in the industry when it comes to supporting older hardware with new features. AudioDriverKit, a very niche API to begin with, just happens to be one of those things that is not backwards compatible. I wouldn’t say it has to do with hardware flaws though.

As for the rest of your post, I generally agree with you. Upgraded from the original iPhone SE only last year, because I needed a dual sim. My iPad has an A10X and runs (and looks) great. I own a (still supported) Apple TV which is over 11 years old. Solid hardware, good support, great value. Especially considering the fact I bought the iPhone 12 mini and iPad Pro used. :blush:

Yes, I agree that they have good hardware that lasts a long time and even their software. Still hard to believe that my iPhone 6S could hold onto iOS 15! In terms of macOS software, their educational bundle suite that includes Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, MainStage, Compressor, and Apple Motion is only $200 USD! That is a really good deal! Just small things like this make the Apple “ecosystem” a good platform. However, somethings can been improved upon. Nothing will be perfect. But it is always good to dissent when something doesn’t appear correct. I guess in hindsight my post was mad at the fact that I didn’t invest in an M1 iPad and bought a second hand iPad Pro. But as the Algoriddim staffer said, this is a Pioneer DJ choice to make, not a Algoriddim or even an Apple one. So it wouldn’t have made a difference if I went with either with the M1 or A12X. Ironically, I’m now saving up for the new Rane One. I would like to learn on a controller that is closer to vinyl. I also would like to use my iPad as my computer. Small things like this make for a unique DJ experience. And I am all for it!

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