Does any one use Samsung A8 with Djay2 or Djay pro?

Hello! I’ve been using a setup with 2 ipads for a while now. I’m thinking about switching to newer Android tablets with more storage and the Samsungs seem like a good option. I use them in vertical mode and would like to know if this is possible and if they don’t have performance issues.

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I don’t have an Android device so I can’t speak to them directly. However, from what I’ve read on this forum over the years, the Android and Windows versions of djay are sorely lacking behind the iOS and MacOS versions. These versions appear to be a lower development priority for Algoriddim than the Apple versions. Personally, I’d recommend you stick with iPad. Especially if you want to use Neural Mix.


I have to agree here. I just started a thread the other day asking about iPad vs android tablets and, that seemed to be the view. Now that M1 has come to iPad you won’t go wrong with iPad Bering your preffered choice of tablet.

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Yes i do. The app works fine with Samsung A8 but does nothing when hooked up with a Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4. Btw battery is draining fast though the way your setup is !