Does anybody has get the LED works in Djay Pro and DDJ-SX?Please share the file...

I have the Pioneer DDJ-SX and everything works fine.
In Serato Mode or in the other Software Mode, except the LED on the Jog Wheel.
Have it anyone fixed?
Can you please share the file?

Just download the update… now natively supported.

I have tested Djay Pro on the SX and SX2. The LED on the Jog Wheels work fine on both units.

Maybe you need to change the settings of the jog wheels on the unit. Look in the SX manual under “Utility settings - Jog dial illumination mode setting”.". On page 27 you would find “Switching the jog dials’ illumination mode”.

That’s what i’ve done… but the LEDs wont work…

The LED’s should be working.

@Michael Hofer: Do you have the same problem with Serato?