Does djay 2 Work With the Pioneer DDJ WeGO?

Here is the equipment I have:

  1. An iPod Touch 5th Generation, iOS 7
  2. djay 2 app with my iPod Touch
  3. A Pioneer DDJ WeGO (not the WeGO 2 with the handle, just the original WeGO)

I want to know, what is required for me to connect my WeGO to my iPod Touch? I know that I need a cable called the ‘Pioneer DJC WeCAI’, but I’m pretty sure there is more to that since there are no USB ports to connect my iPod cable to.

So I looked at a diagram by Pioneer on their official WeCAI page and it showed that there is this apple cable needed that is lightening-to-USB port. So do you guys know what this small cable is called and where I could get it?

Also, one last question: On my PC I have Virtual DJ, which works fine with my WeGO, and it has a cool feature (maybe it is common, I’m not sure if it’s exclusive or not) that makes it so that every single sound including master output is through your headphones, not through your speakers, so that you can mix without distracting anyone in your home / car, plus, when you record the mix, it only records the master volume just like you want it to. Does this feature work with djay 2, without connecting to speakers and without the master sound coming out of the iPod’s speakers?

I know it’s a load to ask but basically:

  1. What exactly is required to connect my WeGO to my iPod? What is that small white cable thingy required to connect my WeGO?
  2. Can every sound from either decks or master sound come through your headphones instead of through iPod speakers, without connecting it to speakers

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile: I have been asking on forums, watching YouTube videos and more, and I’m still a aimless, clueless nuisance in terms of this lol


Sorry for the late reply.

(1) Unfortunately, the WeGo only works with an iPad because the required adapter (Camera Connection Kit) also only works with iPads.

(2) Yes, with djay 2 for iPad, you can configure the WeGo’s built-in audio interface and/or the iPad’s headphone out as output.

it’s okay if you cant help, ill ask on another forum instead