Does Djay for iPhone 4S work with Numark iDJ3?

I have an upcoming gig, and I use Djay on the iPhone 4S (for now, just to play with potential mixes while I’m riding the train to work). Needless to say, I’d love to have an actual controller, with proper controls and outputs/cueing, which I can’t really do properly with just the iPhone.

I can’t find anything substantial about the iDJ3 being compatible with DJay, only the iDJ Live (which I know is currently broken due to iOS 6).

If I purchase an iDJ3, will it work (or is there mapping or something I can do) with DJay on JUST the iPhone 4S, or will I need to use DJay for Mac?

Answered my own question: iPhone 4 is not compatible with the iDJ3, so DJay compatibility isn’t an option. Looks like I might need to get the Pro once it is working…