Does Djay pro 5 have the exact same features on PC and Mac?


I just have a simple question:

Does Djay pro 5 have the exact same features on PC and Mac?

If yes is it exactly the same cross platform wise?

Thank you in advance for your reply.



No, unfortunately it does NOT have the exact same features on all platforms.

On mobile platforms this is understandable because of restrictions in what the OS is capable of, but the PC version of DJay Pro is lagging behind the Mac version in several ways.

Tag editing is not possible on the PC version, it’s also not been updated to Neural Mix 2.0 and there’s no video mixing option. Slightly fewer controllers supported (notably Pioneer CDJs). Maybe other limitations too, but those are the ones I know.

These are all things that competing software offers, so it’s not an OS limitation.

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Hi @Letloose, as @PKtheDJ has already stated, djay 5 is not yet identical on macOS and Windows. However, the team is constantly working to match as many features as possible between the different platforms. Please note that Algoriddim has been developing djay in the Apple ecosystem much longer that on other platforms so it will take some time for these to catch up. Thanks!

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