Does Djay Pro for MAC write any info to MP3 Files?

When DJay Pro for MAC analyzes files, does he info get written into the track?

Also are Cue points stored in the tracks like what Serato does?

Hey there,

the info about the track and user data like cue points is stored in the djay folder and is not written to the track.

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Cheers,Lukas E.

All data djay creates (wave graphs, bpm etc) is stored in the track’s sandboxed metadata plist.
All cue points (and manually overruled data like manual bpm) are stored in a big plist file.

Works the same for all versions of djay on both MacOS and iOS (I can’t comment on the windows version since I dont use it)

I know this because I wrote the Djay Conversion Utility that converts cues and beatgrids from Traktor and Rekordbox to djay see