Does Djay Pro no longer support their support?

It’s been 4 months since I’ve submitted two support tickets and still have yet to receive a response. Along with the two email requests for help with some bugs and issues, I submitted the same question to this forum and even it hasn’t had a response. Business 101. Anybody can attract a new customer, the businesses who grow and are around for the duration see those that KEEP those customers. Customer service is how you do so.


I think they are mainly overwhelmed with support tickets and understaffed. I’ve noticed they’ve hired some new people in support roles recently. I have submitted a few tickets in the last 2 months and have had responses. The replies were not very quick though.

I recommend you submit a new ticket directly from the app so it automatically includes all your system information. Also provide as much detail as possible about your issue up front. You will save yourself and the support team time and back a forth emails this way.


Hey there @Dances_WithWoofers - sorry to hear about your support experience!

I’ve sent you a direct message to follow up with you for more information so we can help you as soon as possible. Thanks for your help in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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You should post any querries in the this forum there are lots of friendly knowledgeable people who are happy to help if you ask something specific in regards to your issue. That might be a more productive way to find a solution. Good luck.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I did happen to do things as suggested; sent inquiry from the app so the hardware and software info would be included and did post my question on this forum in a separate post.
I haven’t seen the direct message but I’ll look for it now and respond.

Thank you

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Hey @Dances_WithWoofers - thanks for continuing the conversation. We’ve just received your direct message with the associated support ticket numbers. My colleague and I will be reaching out to you via email within the next 24 hours.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation, and we look forward to speaking with you!

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Hey, @Dances_WithWoofers - We would like to inform you that we have responded to your queries by email and a direct message here on the Community since it appears you may not be receiving our responses for some reason.

Thanks so much in advance - we’re looking forward to your response.