Does DJay still work with ipad 2nd/3rd generation? Please read full details :)

Really hope someone can help me with this.

in December 2017 i had a 5th generation Ipad, running IOS 10 and Downloaded ‘Djay Pro’, everything worked perfectly with a Reloop Beatpad 2

I sold everything in 2018 but now looking at getting back into it however i want the cheapest Ipad possible to run it with controller.

I don’t need the latest pro version, i’m aware i can re-download my December 2017 version of the DJay App again but will it work on older ipads (ipad 2,3,4) running IOS 9.3.5?

Am i going to need an Ipad running IOS 10 again to be able to support my re-downloaded version of the Dday Pro app as it was originally downloaded on IOs 10?

I literally use the Ipad for nothing else but Djay so want to buy the cheapest/oldest version that is still compatible.


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Both djay 2 and djay Pro have the minimal requirement of iOS 8. Every device which received iOS 8 will work with djay 2 and djay Pro.


Lukas E.

Thank you so much!