Does DJay support hi-res, 24bit playbakc?

Hi, as the title says, I’m updating some of my DJ collection to hi-res, 24bit tracks and couldn’t find info anywhere as to if this format is supported in DJay Pro for Mac?

If not, will the software just play the file but downsample it to 16bit or something?

Also, would it make any difference if the hi-res tracks are synced to DJay from Apple Music, or added into the “My Files” section?

Note I’m talking about purchased tracks here, not from Apple Music streaming, I know that isn’t supported.

Thanks for any info.

This question interests me greatly…I’d also like to know the max resolution of djay.

Hi @actsofblindness,

Thanks for posting your question!

djay Pro AI for Mac supports all audio file formats that the macOS operating system supports which include high resolution files.

Have a wonderful day!

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