Does iPad DjayPro Read Mp3 Metadata INITIALKEY tag?

I use mixed in key and write the key to my tracks pulled in via icloud files browser. I’m curious if there’s a way to use the key from the INITIALKEY tag instead of the analysis done by Djay?

Also curious for BPM/Tempo and Energy.

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Currently djay only offers metadata sorting of

  • Artist
  • BPM (I believe this is from its own analysis)
  • Key (only from its own analysis)
  • Time
  • Title

However, if you use Mixed in Key, you can adjust its settings to write the Key and Energy level to the front of the Artist name. That’s what I do.


Ah - got it. Thank you!

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@smp no problem. You’re welcome!

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Thanks to @Slak_Jaw for providing a helpful answer :slight_smile:

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