Does "Native Suppor" mean "Internal Mixer" works ?

Hey Guys,

basic question here. 

when we say (and by WE i mean Algoriddim)  “controller is Natively Supported” … does that automatically mean that ALL features work with both “internal” and “external” mixer support ?

I am looking for “the perfect” premium controller that works flawlessly with DJ Pro however the more i read through the forums, the more it gets “blurry” if all those 50+ controllers with Native support actually mean’s that they work in “Internal Mixer” mode.

the point of having a software, for me, is to be able to use my mixer as a mixer and the software to both choose and organise my music AND record my sets but it seems like it’s a slippy slope with some of the Midi Mixers.


Hi Vincenzo,

Thank you for getting in touch.

When we say Native Support we say that we provide a native mapping of the device so our users do not have to map the controller themselves in order to have the basic functionality.

Have you looked in our partnered controllers like the Reloop Mixon 4 or the Beatpad series?


Lukas E.