Does Numark iDJ Pro work with Djay with Lightning 30Pin Adapter?

Will Djay work with iPad 4 128GB and Lightning Adapter 30 pin??

I need this 128GB iPad because my music should only come trom the device itself without any cloud or other online services. Current I have iPad 2 Wifi +3G 64GB and I have only 5,5 GB space using the rest with 48GB MP3 files.


Yes, you can use iDJ Pro with the new iOS devices via lightning to 30-pin adapter.

I don’t think that’s physically possible, sorry.

Hi Mark.

You need the official adapter from Apple.

Hi Alain,

You need the official lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple.

hi pope. Your solution seems to work fine. Would you mind posting a photo of your workaround?


Does anybody have a solution to this problem. I have an Ipad latest version with lightning contact. The solution with the small cable adapter from Apple works in function, but you cant close the flip cover at the back, making the white cable standing out.

Mabe an adaptor from another brand, or have someone found a better solution?

I have the cable lightning to 30 pin, approx 4-5 inch long, and it works just fine on my Ipad 4 gen 64 GB

My solution to the problem was to buy the original apple lighting to 30 pin Cable (20 cm). Then I drilled a small hole for the included black Cable of the Numark IDJ pro and a Little bigger hole for the apple Cable right next to where the ipad Connection should be, both holes are drilled in the lid that can be opened when you push in the apid. The Connection from the black to the White 30 pin is then done “outside” the Numark.

It is not a perfect solution but it does look and work OK.

Here is a pic of my solution. As you can see a small hole for the 30 pin cable, 4-5 mm, and a bigger hole for the lightning pin. You need an Apple 30pin to lightning original cable, I belive it is 15 or 20 cm long.

The small hole for the black cable is drilled close to the edge so the edge is partly open, wide enough so you can push the black cable into the hole.

I have the adapter and the 128gb Ipad but it isn’t working??

Is it the one from the apple store or a cheep one from amazon? I got the cheep one and it will not work.

Thank you for your advice Warren I will order one now.

How did you get the black cable through the hole?

Ok, just as I thought
I guess you tried to place the adapter underneath the ipad before drilling holes
Didn’t it fit?

Would it be an option to replace the cable on the idj pro.

I have the same issue, my gf bought me the iDJPro and an iPad 4 with lightning connector. I bought a cheap 30 pin to lightning connector adapter on Ebay but it doesn’t work. I found Lund out after it doesn’t support audio. Is there such a connector that will allow me to use my new iPad on the iDJPro???