Does someone have a MIDI Mapping for the Hercules Jogvision controller?

I recently purchased a Jogvision controller and while I like using Serato Dj, I would much prefer using Djay because of the Spotify integration. I cant seem to figure out the mapping controls. I was wondering if someone had a map file for the jogvision already. I can’t seem to find it anywhere else online.

Hi there,

have you tried mapping it by the MIDI learning feature in djay Pro, if you need help mapping it we can help you via

Thank you very much,
Lukas E.

Hey Rolo,

the VU meters are not mappable via the djay Pro midi learn feature.

Cheers,Lukas E.

My dear friend, I have the same problem… I hope you guys make and update so we don’t have to play around.

Please, please!!!


The map of Djay Pro for DJControl Jogvision is on Hercules support website…
in the section MIDI Mapping.

Hello Fabio,

Sorry I think mapping are just for Mac & Windows, as importing mapping is a open feature

  • in Djay Pro Mac (place the mapping on Mac OS desktop, click on it: it should call Djay Pro, and import it)
  • in DJay Pro Windows (copy the file DJControl Jogvision.djayMidiMapping in the folder C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Algoriddim.djayPro_1.0.26471.0_x86__ysvet2nbq0e5e\MIDI Mappings),
    but I do not think Djay Pro iOS includes a feature to import a mapping.


On my side the 3 controls of the headphones stereo output (volume, Mix-Cue switch, and Cue select button over the volume faders) work in DJ Control Jogvision work.

Have you

  1. connected your headphones to DJControl Jogvision headphones out,
  2. set in Djay Pro > Preferences > Devices the audio as:
  • Mixer Mode: Internal
  • Main Output: DJControl Jogvision ch 1-2
  • Pre-Cueing: DJControl Jogvision ch 3-4?

Hi! I am a newbie, and I don’t know how to install the mapping, can somebody explain the instalation steps ? I am planning on use a ipad2 with the jogvision

Oh that’s bad news, thank you very much! I was Wondering if I could use with the ipad to make a compact set ! Thanks for your time!

I have used this mapping for the Hercules Jogvision but the Led VU Meters are not working. How do I get this to work?

Hi this was a very good tip, thanks
I have only one issue. the ctrls of the headphones do not seem to be mapped I cannot get any sound on my headphones
do you have any idea how to fix this issue
thanks a lot

Can you guys make this controller natively supported?

Can you guys just make this controller natively supported? Midi mode sucks, it doesn’t recognize your controller positions at start up, you need to move them around first.

Copying to the MIDI Mappings folder seems impossible on Windows thanks to Microsofts brilliant idea of protecting the WindowsApps folder with some insane security that even admin priviledges won’t get you into.

Trying to do this with a Hercules DJControl Compact. Works fine in Mixxx and other software, seems impossible with Djay on Windows though…

It’s also impossible to map manually, doesn’t react at all when I use the controller. (see my edit for the cause… please fix this by at least showing some indication it’s not available when using Spotify to get past the time limit)

Been a couple hours now, my contempt for Microsoft has grown considerably (didn’t think that was possible) and this episode is starting to affect my view of Djay as well.

I’m just going to give up for now. Glad I’m still running the demo version, guess I won’t be buying a license anytime soon.

Your easiest way out of this for you: Make the controller natively supported.

Please don’t let stupid shit like this make your software worthless for some users.

PS: Please get the fuck out of Microsofts “application container” ecosystem. It’s a nightmare for users and developers alike.

EDIT: FFS, why didn’t it say shit about needing to use the pro version if I want to use a MIDI controller? I’ve been using my Spotify Premium login and it didn’t complain about it before. Now that I managed (with some effort fucking around with advanced folder permissions) to get the MIDI mapping into the correct folder it suddenly told me that “MIDI controllers require Pro”. YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT 4h AGO.

Congratulations, you’ve gained a customer (only due to your Spotify support mind you) that will forever hate you for wasting 4h of my life.

Sorry for the pissy mood, but these forums are as someone said “the end of the internet”. It’s not like I expected any help anyway, hopefully this will be of some use to someone who’s just as close to giving up as I was.

Edit 2: Wow, and right after that issue I stumble upon another that makes it painful to use:…
You guys just keep giving me reasons not to buy it, guess I’ll wait and see if you fix your shit.

See my reply below for when not even the MIDI learning feature was working…

thank you, you save me for spend money on the Hercules compact and de Djay Pro full license for nothing. :open_mouth: the power of the internet its just incredible.