Does the Gemini CDJ-700 work with djay Pro? If so, how good are the midi mappings

I am looking to buy a Gemini CDJ-700 as an upgrade to my Pioneer CDJ-800 MK1s. The reason I chose the CDJ-700, is because I was looking for a low-cost CDJ that is compatible with djay Pro. The CDJ-700 supports MIDI control, but I want to know how well the CDJ-700’s MIDI works with djay Pro.

Anyone have success with a Gemini MDJ-500 (cd-less cdj-like midi controller)?

Technology is moving away from cd based controllers .

What is the advantage of the CDJ-700 vs CDJ-800 ?

All natively supported MIDI controllers (djay Pro for Mac and Windows)
To use a DJ MIDI controller with djay Pro for Mac or Windows, simply plug the device into your Mac or PC (before or while the app is running). djay Pro will detect the controller and automatically pre-map all functionality, allowing you to start using the controller right away.

And of course you can easily edit the mapping yourself and customize the controller for your demands if your controller/midi device is not listed.

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I am looking for a MIDI controller that is like a traditional CDJ or turntable, but is not a single unit. I want to be able to use two MIDI controllers with my mixer