Does the new Numark NVII work with Djay Pro, instead of Serato?

Very Interested in the NVII mapping as well. Apparently VDJ has figured out how to map not only the controls but also the screens. This would be a great thing for DJP to invest in!


Still interested!

Hello, if there is mapping, please email me at


Hi Joshua Lopez,

I forwarded your post as a mapping request of the NVII, which is not natively supported by djay pro.
Nevertheless you can use map the controller with the djay Pro for Mac midi mapping learning tool.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Nathan, 

write us a mail via and we will do :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

Please Lukas!!! Get us the nvii mapping!!!

Would you mind sending me the map as well?

so was this problem ever resolved, is there now maping for the Numark NVII?

I never received a mapping and I emailed .

CAN SOME JJST SEND ME A MAPPING PLEASE? It’s crappy that we have to move on new software cause we’re not supported and we’re not even told whether support is coming or not ever. So we’re make investments in a company that’s just isn’t supplying support or direct answers?

Whats going on at this point

hi can you send the mapping

I’m also interested!! Please send me the mappings to I love Soreto but DJay pro is awesome using Spotify,

Can I also get the mapping for Numark NVII, please.

Could I get a email in regards to mapping as well?

Been a user for years.

I would also like the mapping please.

Can I also get the mapping at

Can I also get mapping

I also need the link to the mapping