Does the XDJ-RX2 fully work with djay pro on mac?

i’ve recently purchased a XDJ-RX2 and decided to give the djay pro demo a go. On the supported list it says its fully supported other than the LED lights on the pads.

While i can control djay pro with my RX2 fine as a midi controller, the display seems to be fully unsupported and not showing any information at all (no waveforms, track information, time played etc)

Am I doing something wrong? Is this supposed to be supported? I just got the RX2 so i’m not too familiar with it, I tried to search the forum and all I found was an announcement that the RX2 is now supported. Is it because i’m using the demo version?

I want to purchase djay pro if this actually fully works



The LED displays and the Effect unit on each channel is being treated internally by Pioneer.

Therefore, we are unable to support them.

CheersLukas E.

Hi Lukas, Virtual DJ actually uses the LEDs on the RX2 to show the waveforms so it definitely is possible.
Its kinda misleading that it says on the compability list the RX2 is fully supported apart from the colors of the pads

I purchased the full version and I have to say the compatibility with XDJ-RX2 is a disappointment. Nothing happens on the Pioneer screen, you can’t use all the built-in effects,…