Does Traktor Audio 2 works with DJay 2 on iPad that runs on iOS 12?


I know that a lot of people has asked the same questions year after year and I probably going to ask again.

I am just a simple Salsa DJ who loves to spin music using a simple iPad. When I run a party, I just want to use a iPad, a soundcard which I can listening and pre-cue the next music while the other end I am streaming out another song for people to dance with. I love using DJay 2, but just that I can’t find a small hardware that works well with DJay 2.

Recently I saw that there is this small little soundcard Traktor Audio 2. However, maybe I don’t comprehend what is written over the internet about the compatibility issue.

So maybe I just want to ask again

  1. Does DJay 2, Tracktor Audio 2 & iPad Air 2 (iOS 12) work well together?
  2. Am I able to use the Tracktor Audio 2 to listen and pre-cue one song, while using Traktor Audio 2 streaming out another music as well?

Thank you very much for your help in advance!.

DJ Terence

Does it mean both input and output came out from the Traktor Audio 2?

I’m not sure on iOS 12, but I use the audio 2 with an (old) iPad and djay Pro/djay 2 ios as my backup for many years now
and yes it got separate stereo headphone out separate from the main out and that works flawless.