Does Windows generate a nowplaying.txt file?

Trying to get Now Playing app to work on Djay pro on my Windows Laptop.
The difference seems to be that the MAC version creates a nowplaying textfile. Can’t find it in Windows. Does it exist or is it embedded in another file?

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Yeah, you are right.
I work with SQL in my daily life so I opened up the SQL file and took a look. But nothing really that is an easy fix.


I’ve looked at the WAL file a bit more, and I was able to reliably get the artist and title as part of what seems to be a write to the history session despite the write to the db not using the artist / title pair. Working now to get this integrated into the windows version of unbox.

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What program did you use to get inside the WAL file?

Was able to parse the WAL file to get the artist / title / isrc in node, should be able to add it to unbox this week.

Just pushed an unbox release that uses the WAL file and db to get the latest track written to history, you can download it on the unbox GitHub page, sorry won’t let me link it here.

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