Done with Algoriddim. $49 and no stems for Windows

I have been using Djay Pro since the first day it was available on iOS, and LOVED it up until today.
I decided to just go ahead and spend the $49 to install it on my studio tower which has Windows.

I go looking for the neural mix and it’s not there!!! Like seriously and pardon my French…BUT WTF ALGORIDDIM?
$49 and I’m not even going to get into the other features that the Windows version is missing.
I know it’s my fault for not reading closer, but this is shady shady shady business.

It was already questionable business practices when I paid $39 for it on iOS, and then eventually forced to pay $49/year for the iOS version.

I mean the windows version sounds horrible, I loaded a .flac file on the windows machine and then streamed the same track from Tidal on the ipad and the difference is disgusting.

I’ve been DJ’ing since 1998 and honestly until today, Djay Pro was my favorite platform (yes, even over vinyl) but if I don’t get a partial or full refund I will cease using anything from Algoriddim.

Just to be sure I understand you (not that I can help with your issue in any way), you changed platform and lost functionality without reading the software’s limitations or state of development for that new platform and you want algoriddim to refund you for your mistake/oversight?
I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting any satisfaction/resolution to this.
Thanks for helping get things to this state of development in the Apple orchard!


Have you investigated your options with the Windows app store and/or your credit card company to get refunded? It seems to me those things are largely out of algoriddim’s hands and in the hands of the various app stores/your credit card’s service agreement.

I’m certain threatening comments like that can get a member banned.

I’d rather not see an early adopter like yourself go away, but it seems you’re headed in that direction of your own accord. Please keep us posted about how this works out for you - I’m certain others will be interested in whatever process you find to be effective.

Take no notice, he’s just got his apple branded blinkers on and can’t believe that people like to keep their options open and use different devices other than ipads in conjunction with Djay. :man_shrugging:

:joy: He won’t get banned for threatening to stop using Djay :rofl::rofl::rofl:

He literally just installed it on his computer. He hasn’t uninstalled it from his apple product. I wouldn’t worry too much

Here’s my comments from August 2022 on the subject.

Nothings changed……

No, but threatening violence against another forum member is probably not acceptable. (Thanks to whomever flagged that post)
I’m also not worried about ever meeting them in person - I don’t frequent Chinese restaurants or chop-socky film sets (not sure where they DJ). Besides, a search of their posts indicates they’ve assumed things in the past as they pertain to the software. I’d guess that they’re lashing out at whomever engages because it’s the second time they’ve been caught by their assumptions, and failing to do their own research before making a purchase. Still, I hope they have some luck with one of the solutions I suggested they look into.


I didn’t see what he said to you. I must have missed something because chinese restaurants doesn’t mean anything to me either.

The post by a member who’s user name includes a reference to a Chinese food dish, was hidden or removed, and Chopsocky - Wikipedia (where the lips move and THEN the translated audio is heard; an amusing to me genre of motion pictures)

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… There is a “beta” version of DJAY with the Neural Mix (stems) for windows I installed it a few minutes ago. They are working on it :+1:

@tony_foo_yong a Free public Beta for Windows version of djay Pro AI was released yesterday. Looks like a huge improvement.

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