Don't lose your place when you come back to a Playlist

HI, please add a feature when you get out of a playlist and come back to it, the location on the Playlist before you left is still there instead of going to the top of the playlist and also de-selecting your previous highlighted selection if you had one.
It’s very time consuming every time you come back to a playlist you have to scroll thru the playlist to find where you left off.
Thank you!


@Donn thanks for the suggestion! I have already shared this with the dev team for consideration.

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There is a feature in Serato that allows you to locate your last song by pressing command + l. If we could do that as well that would be awesome

Big plus one for this please.

As a Voiceover user with no sight, it’s even more painful and time consuming to re-find the place in the playlist I was at, as can’t just visually scroll down easily.

Keeping the place in playlistst when leaving and returning would improve workflow tremendously.

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You can also add the option that when user click on the running tracks in the deck screen (for example on the track title), it focus directly on these track into the playlist from where it was played.

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When I switch view with pushing the jogwheel the main song browser will reset to the topmost song. This is annoying. It should snap back to what ever song is loaded at the moment or what ever song was selected before pushing the jogwheel. thanks!

Hi @Johan_Rosenberg, I’ve merged your topic with this existing one as they sound related. This has already been reported to the dev team. I’ll report back here when I have news. Thanks!

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