Double beats and smart playlists

macOS 12.0.1
djpro AI : 3.1.9

How to reproduce:

  1. use song which is analysed between 0-200 bpm, a song which actual bpm should be doubled

  2. edit the beatgrid/bpm / double it so that it’s correct
    at last I hear it as “double” beats as it’s rock / hard rock / metal
    if app analyse it as “half” fix the analyse algorithm or let me set it up correctly to double

  3. create smartplaylist where bpm is like 0-90 and the song with higher bpm’s are still there

Note that if I use filters the songs are correctly on the list

but if I use smart playlist the song count’s doesn’t match ( i.e. song count in smart list should be the same as for filtered list) and the AC-DC song isn’t there

Same happens when I want to set “half” beat for a song like in the above pic

Hi @dj_romy_fi,

Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention and for sharing the detailed instructions for how to reproduce the issue. I’ve just reproduced this bug on our devices here, and I’ve sent all of this information to our Development Team for further investigation. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any updates.

Thanks again!