Double Bluetooth Speaker connection doesn't work together with Headphone Output

Dear community,

I have the problem that there is no sound via my two bluetooth speaker (JBL Flip 6) and the headphones of my Herculus DJControl Starlight (internal and external mixing mode).

Everthing works fine when I use just one bluetooth speaker only. When I use two bluetooth speaker it also works as long I don’t select any headphone output in the settings. If I select a headphone with one speaker, no problems. If I select two speaker - no sound at all. The speaker are connected to one audio device via MIDI-Audio-Septup of my MacBook.

I use the MacBook Pro M1 Max 14" (latest update) and DJay Pro 4.1.4 version.

I would be happy for some help. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, not everything can be wireless.

If your headphones are bluetooth, that’s where things get tricky- or even impossible. and I think that’s the case here. You would have to decide where to monitor/get cue feed from - the macbook or the Starlight, and with your speakers, you’ll probably have to have wired headphones

the Starlight gets the 2 deck feeds from djay, over USB…wired to the Starlight, in Internal mixing mode (I think - does it have any software to install on your macbook too?), would be your headphones.

Do you have the jbl app for your speakers on your macbook? That’s where it seems you configure those to work with the macbook over bluetooth…the app tells the macbook’s bluetooth transmitter where to get the mix from, and that’s the master of the Starlight.

I could be wrong with all of this, because Bluetooth is NOT my forte. (I’m oldschool, and prefer wires to wireless. I still plug my computers into an internet connection with an ethernet cable)