Double BPM function missing for BPM > 100.

I really like the new version, but one thing drives me crazy:

With the update, there is only one button to double or half the BPM rating. I ́m a swing dj (lindy hop and balboa) with a lot of music from the 30th. Half of the ratings are wrong (half or sometimes a quarter of the accurate speed). And there ́s often only the option, to half the rating, when it ́s necessary to double it. There are a lot of songs in the range above 200 bpm. I think, that ́s above the horizon of djay2.

So please: Give me/us the 3 Field option (half, tap, double) from djay 1 back!

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, this has indeed been changed in djay 2. I’ll be sure to notify our developers regarding this.

Good idea, I think this should work.

However, there is currently an issue with iCloud sync with iOS 7 devices. The iOS versions of djay have already been updated with a fix but the Mac version still needs to be updated.

Can I use djay for mac and iCloud sync as a work-around? Djay for mac still have a double button. But when I analyze the bpm data within the mac-version, they will not be sync in djay2 for iPad although the iCloud sync option is checked on my mac and my ipad. Any suggestions?

I wan ́t to revive this 3 year old topic. And extend it to djay pro for Mac.

After the update to 1.3, algoriddim removed also in the mac version the double button for bpm over 100. There were every few month postings of people, who asked algoriddim to rechange this in the ios and/or mac version. But these asking were totally ignored.

Now I must tap every song in an above 200 bpm range and it ́s really annoying.

I can change the bpm by typing it directly with a keyboard. But it ́s impossible to save this corrected bpm!?

And I must say, I don ́t understand the restriction of using the half/double button.

So once again: Please allo me/us the 3 Field option (half, tap, double) for every song with every bpm!

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Double BPM function missing for BPM > 100.

Dear djay team,

I have a lot of fast songs (around 200bpm) that djay 2 detects for example at 95bpm instead of 190bpm. This is not a problem if bpm is less than 100bpm as I can double it manually but if the detected rhythm is more than 100bpm it becomes a problem as the only option given is “half”. This fuction worked perfectly in djay v1. Could you please add again the “double” bpm feature in next update?



Dear Lukas,

Here is a use case: load a song with BPM > 200, for example 220. djay will detect the following: 110 BPM and will not allow to double the BPM on it.

Genre of songs analysed like this:

fast rock’n roll from 50’s / 60’s, fast boogie woogie, salsa, jazz, charleston…



I’m having the same issue here. The last update was 6 months ago… I bought djay2 just 2 days ago and it seems the issue was not addressed. I’m just getting started with it and loved it from the first moment on, but immediately stumbled across this problem.
Would you please give the ‘double’ function back for over 100 BPM songs. I’m a Balboa DJ.

Adding genres: 20s, 30s, 40s… basically ALL swing music above 200.


Hi Johannes Kaufhold,

I understand your frustration. Change requests are forwarded internally in order to track the user acceptance. 
Also describing an Use Case would be nice.
Can you explain what you exactly are doing and can not due to limitations of the app?
Describing such scenario helps us to rethink and reconsider the issue. 
By the way which genre are you working with, are all songs being analysed falsely? 

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.