Double function issue with DVS

Hi there,

I am a new user since dvs is onboard…
I am also an instant double heavy user as I play in single deck mode.

It seems that when you double from a dvs deck (absolute or relative) to an internal deck, it doesn’t start automatically. I have to click on play button… (yes, « play on load » option is activited ».

I have also an issue with BPM value not copied from dvs to internal.

Did I miss something?

I gave it a try with a 2nd turntable (both in relative), it solved play problem but still no bpm correct value at double.

Sync is acting weird as well…

With both players in internal mode everything works as expected.

Same issue with mac version… :frowning:

Doubling from a deck to another should copy BPM value.
And if the deck you copy to is in internal mode, it should copy “play” state too.

Anyone else using DVS and double function here ? :hugs:

Hi all,

In order to be clear about the issues, please find below 2 videos:

Instant double issue DVS —> DVS:

Instant double issue DVS —> Internal:

I hope these videos will help…


Hi Tony,

Welcome to djay and the Community! Sorry to hear about your experience with the double function and DVS, but we appreciate you reporting the issues you’ve encountered.

Thanks a lot for sharing all of the detailed information about the problem, along with the videos. Our Team is investigating what might be going on here, and I’ll be in touch with further updates shortly. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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