Double or Half BPM ? Possible by a shortcut ?

Hello, i have a problem to make a shortcut for half or double the BPM, or a way to sync the song at the higher or lower BPM than the other song ? I don’t found this option in Keyboard Shortcuts or in MIDI Shortcuts (i have a DDJ-SB2). Thank you very much i hope there is a solution for that without having to go every time in Deck / BPM / Half/Double.

i put a +1 on this feature request : as many times Djay is misleading the good tempo, we need a fast shorcut (keyboard or midi map possibility) to do it quickly
thanks :slight_smile:

Agreed, having a mappable shortcut in midi settings would speed things up greatly and mean keeping hands on controller mid-gig.

Hi there,

thank you for your post.

At the moment you can do so by Halfing Doubling a track via the top menu bar.

Unfortunately there is no midi nor shortcut.

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Yes i have the suggestion to have possibility to have this option in Shortcut because it can be really useful, it’s the first time i use the menu shortcut and config controller and the only option i find don’t exist :frowning: