Double tap for pitch reset now broken

With this latest version, the library loading times seem much faster, but if it comes at the cost of losing the double tap to reset pitch, id rather not have it.
Honestly. Maybe this was an oversight, but its a huge loss in my world.
Please fix this.

DJay on iPad 3

Hi Mark,

In order to avoid unintentional resets when “Fine Adjust” is enabled, you need to double tap on the knob to reset the BPM slider.

ok so apparantly you need to double click on the actual pitch marker to reset it now.
As opposed to anywhere on the pitch slider. Thanks for the help!

Hi Warren,
Thanks for answering my question. Albeit days after I had already figured it out on my own, it is nice to know someone actually reads this stuff.
I personally never unintentionally double tapped the pitch in thousands of hours of using the app.
Maybe accidentally tapping something twice is a problem for others but I never heard of it.
I liked the double tap to reset how it was and still is on the EQ. Simple.
I dont think there was any reason to change that.
Maybe make it an option for that rare DJ with Parkinson’s.

Just my opinion.
Thanks for ur time…