Double tap to set sliders to 0 doesn't work??

Double tapping a slider (eh an eq fader, filter etc) used to set it to the middle default position. It doesy any more.

I changed phone (HTC u11 to Galaxy S10) but it’s the same app so would expect functions to be the same.

Was this removed in an update? Can it be put back?

Anyone else have the same problem, or a solution?

Hi David,

We are sorry to hear that and will investigate the issue.

Thank you for getting in touch,

Cheers.Lukas E.

Hi guys,

can you please share your Android djay app versions.

We will do our best to fix the issue right away.

I can confirm that double tapping sliders does not work anymore. Neither on my oneplus 3t (lineage os) nor on my Huawei Mate M3 (BTV-W09).

It would be great if you could put a MINIMUM effort into the android app, so touching sliders and playing tracks work (without them jumping eratically back to the beginning) - so you can call this a DJ app, and not a single big headache.

Ask your managers to assign significantly more ressources to Android development.

Great can you confirm if it’s the same on all devices and not an issue at my end?

Version 2.3.6

Any news?

This is odd. Wonder if it is due to different android versions?

I just installed yesterday on a Lenovo android tablet, and double click works for me. v2.3.6 (DJ free -paid version) Tested Pitch slider as well as EQ slider. My android tablet has an Atom chipset, Android 6.0.1