DOUBLE the BPM button even for high bpm songs

I have a suggestion about bpm calculator.

When I put on a song for the first time, it seems that Djay analyzes the song and calculates beats per minute(BPM).
BTW, in my music library, most of the songs are 20’s, 30’s style swing jazz. For those songs, djay calculates the bpm half of the actual value. It is OK in most cases bacause djay has an interface to double the bpm.
However, it is a diffrent story when the song’s actual bpm goes up over 200. Djay provides only “HALF” and “TAP” button while what I really need is “DOUBLE” button. So I had to TAP almost 300 songs, and every time I add a new song to my library, I have to TAP to get the right bpm, especially of late, most of the song I add to the library is over 200bpm.

So, I suggest, it would be great if you provide “DOUBLE” button even when dealing with high bpm songs.