Double-Wave display

Hey there. It would be great, if djay (for mac) had a double-wave displaying - So it would be no longer annoying, when a deck is looping for a time and the DJ has no clue at which point the track is playing/looping.

Would be so great if you guys could implement this! :slight_smile:

Are you kidding? We are not talking about the iPad version. Don’t know why you push djay for iDevices so much - I think the Mac App is so much more important.

Hum… Doesn’t sound great in my ears!
Why don’t you just bring a ‘full’ version of djay 2 to Mac? :frowning:

This feature was added in djay Pro:


We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version.

Oh sorry, my mistake!

Don’t worry, the Mac version will surely benefit from the developments on the iOS platform.

Original request - THREE years ago, with no replies to this request in 3 years.

me three…i think the pacemaker app had the same thing


agree totally, like your competitor tractor does, and the current zoom in and zoom out animation is taking to much time.

by the way, latency adjustments would be great as well.

greets capo