Downbeat "set grid start" bug. Version 3.1.3

Set grid start now has a bug where it alters the grid incorrectly and causes the grid to change tempo and become detached from all the other beats.

Please see images below


Hello? Anyone? This is beginning to feel like a pointless forum.


its about time someones mention this… Its really frustrating when we try to list down important bugs and nothing happens… The unusual bpm changes has been an issue for like one year now… Since july 2022… I have written a bunch of emails… But nothing practical has been done… They always say bug fixes… Which bugs…??? We are basically trying to improve the software and and they are not paying attention :rage::rage::rage:… Come on!!!


I’m also experiencing this problem. It’s incredibly annoying but if you go to settings/general/beat sync interval and change it from 4 beats to 1 beat, you can at least still mix correctly. Otherwise it always syncs the yellow lines up even when they are in the incorrect place.

Oh, I see the problem also exsists on iOS


:grinning::grinning::grinning: im frustrated but thank u for the laugh…

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Djay 3.1.4

“Set grid start” still not working correctly

Sound drops out/distorts when using -/+ nudge buttons. To replicate the issue, have the pitch set to 0 and enable key lock (musical note blue), then press -/+ button.