Downgrade from Djay Pro 2 to Djay Pro


I bought the djay pro 2 for Mac but want to downgrade to the older version.

How can I do it? can’t find it anymore on the apple app store although I bought and paid for it.

Obs: already sent and email to the support but no response


thanks, I am downloading it from the app store again.

I do like djay pro 2 and intend to use it, but I am experiencing some minor bugs and pretend to use it when I feel you guys resolved it,

but one thing that I don’t have on the pro 2 is batch analysis from Spotify songs, djay pro 1 has it and it really helps, please make it available on the 2 also.


one other thing, music that are already analyzed on Spotify loses the data when I add it to the “My Library”.

and can the app keep de analysis when move the songs to my library area?

Hey there,

we are sorry to hear about that.
Can you tell us what do you don’t like about djay Pro 2?

djay Pro 1 is no longer purchasable in the Apple Mac App Store. Please note that you are still capable of using or downloading it.
If you are trying to download djay Pro 1 you can still do so by navigating to the Purchased Articles section of the Apple Mac App Store. Please make sure you are logged in with the iTunes Account with which you purchased djay Pro 1.

Is it possible that you purchased djay Pro 1 via our website?

Lukas E.

Hey there,

we are very interested in any bug you are stumbling onto.

Regarding the batch analysis, this must be a misunderstanding, we are not supporting the pre analysation of spotify songs in djay Pro 1 nor in djay Pro 2.

Hi Carlos,

I am very sorry to hear that.
Could you provide me a video which is showing the explained Pre Cueing issue.
You can post the wetransfer download link right here.

There are many bugs in Djay PRO 2 for MAC… the “pre-cue” is not working with my controller Mixtrack PRO 2…(with other software works fine). Another bug to fix… real soon… please!!!