Download Songs Offline on TIDAL/DJayPro

Tidal app on iPhone let’s you download songs to play OFFLINE or places with spotty service. Could this be an option for DJAY pro too?

Not possible right now, licensing is the problem, as far as I understand. There’s more information about streaming services in djay on this page. As per that page, there are two streaming services that allow for offline music, Beatsource LINK (mostly electronic music) and Beatport LINK (mostly mainstream music). They are significantly more expensive than Tidal because the offline access only starts with the $29.99 plan (and in case of Beatport LINK you can only store a measly 50 songs offline).

Hi @Slim89,

Thanks for asking this question in the Community. This goes for all streaming services, except for Beatport/Beatsource.

It is technically not possible to use streaming services in djay without an active internet connection. The reason is that due to “sandboxing”, a security feature, apps have absolutely no access to each other’s workspace. This means that djay has no access to the songs you download in other streaming service apps. These songs are only available for the streaming service app itself. For this reason, in order to use the streaming integrations in djay, an ongoing connection to the internet is necessary.

However, I can confirm that our integration with Beatsource LINK and Beatport LINK does allow for some offline access. Please note these integrations are only available currently in the latest versions of djay Pro AI on iOS and Mac. To access up to 100 tracks from offline storage, a Beatsource/Beatport LINK Pro or Beatsource/Beatport LINK Pro+ subscription is required. You can find more information about this on our website:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

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