Downloaded Apple Music tracks not showing in Library?

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Using Djay Pro AI on my MacBook Pro - I’m aware that the Music Library in Djay won’t work with Apple Music songs in iCloud but even when I download them (and they show in my Music Library on my MacBook) they are not showing in the Apple Music section of my Djay Library (even after a refresh or quitting and restarting the application).

Any ideas why?


Answering my own question - I guess they are DRM protected so won’t show up: Does Apple Music work with djay? – Algoriddim Support

Weirdly though a number of my older iTunes songs do show … perhaps because they aren’t DRM protected? Wondering whether iTunes Match would help with this?


Thank you for getting in touch.

In which file format are the tracks in which are not being displayed in the djay Library?

There are some older file formats which are also treated as “DRM protected” nowadays.

Thanks Lukas - the files that aren’t showing are in the .m4p format?

.mp3 and .m4a files in my Apple Music library show up just fine.



m4p files are an Apple DRM Protected file format which djay is not able to work with. These files were offered before 2009 in the iTunes Store.

We are sorry for that and would suggest checking if Apple offers an option to convert them.

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@Kpod21 there always some confusion with Apple Music and iTunes partially because of the 2 different stores/services and also partially because of naming conventions and changes within the stores/applications/services. From what I understand music in Apple Music isn’t compatible even if added to library to listen offline. Only tracks bought in iTunes can be used in Djay

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