Drinking ti'punch don't make the scrolling waveform smoother

Since update, the scrolling waveform is not fluid :frowning:
Try after drinking some ti’punch but still bad scrolling !!!

We were able to track down and fix the waveform scrolling / smoothness issue on iOS 9, and an update will be published within the next days.

Thanks for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Same thing on Djay Pro !!!

I downgrade djay2 to 2.7 and the waveform is fluid and smooth…

U need a backup on itunes…

same here


I have the ipad air (1) and it seems to me the wave’s in the Pro version are pretty smooth. (tried 2 decks)

Not in Latest Djay 2.

Guaranteed to give anyone suffering from epilepsy a problem

how to downgrade? i dont have any backup or so…

im done then… :Y

can anyone upload a backup 2.7???

After last update waveforms and also vinyls are not fluid :frowning: very unpleasant to use precisse mixing :frowning: do an update please. I have ipad air.