Dropbox and new Djay app

Is there any information on how to use the new app with Dropbox rather than iTunes? I can’t find anything. Thanks.

any news about this idea ?

Hi Lukas,

my problem is that the Dropbox menu is greyed into Djay…
in the Files app on the ipad i can access Dropbox but when i go into Djay and i choose Files then ‘+’, all clouds  (box, dropbox, etc …) are greyed except iCloud
is there some kind of setting somewhere else ?


you need to activate it into the Files app. then it should be accessible into Djay.
first step works for me, but into Djay it appears grey and unselectable through… :frowning:
what is stange is that i can create a folder into it (from Djay) but that’s all …

just open the Files app then on the upper left press the 3_little_dots button then modify. There you can add whatever you want to the Files app, and it will also appear into Djay.

could you explain us what you mean by ‘removing everything from djay’ ? :slight_smile:
until algoriddim solve this problem i use icloud drive, and i use an app called Evermusic to bulk restore files i’d like to mix into djay.

Yes this is definetely a bug and Algoriddim should fix it …

Hi mabbs,

We are working on a My Files section.
At the moment we recommend using the Side By Side feature, that way you can drag and drop tracks from your iPad or another cloud service application to djay.

Lukas E.

With the new iOS Files integration of iOS 13 you can directly access Dropbox in the Files Library of djay for iOS. Please make sure you are using the latest djay for iOS version and at least iOS 13.

In my case, i have access to my Dropbox and the files in the Apple files app, But NOT through djay. Ist is greyed out…

Well, after one year there is still NO possibility for me to get access to my Dopbox or ANY OTHER folder except iCloud from the DJay app. Even not after downloading the AI Version of DJay.

And yes:

Every folder in every cloud is running from any other app, except djay.

So we can fly to Mars but cannot have access to a cloud folder???

Thanks for your answer, Shaun. I followed your recommendation and removed ‘everything’ from the folder section in DJay. To show you guys in the forum, what some of us are talking about, I made 2 little videos with my iPhone. Please see attachments here https://www.dropbox.com/s/hxx0idjye4f769w/1%20IMG_8850.MOV?dl=0    
    and here 

I have access to my files, also to my Dropbox, from the Files App on my iPad. But not from the files section in Jay. It’s greyed out…


I’m assuming the file system doesn’t work at the moment?

Mine does not even show up…

How do you activate it?

Very strange, maybe its a paid feature

I got around this. I basically removed everything from djay and then i could access the my files section which i previously could not. From there you can use dropbox, if its activated on the files section of the device. You can then see it in djay…hope this helps