Dropbox Integration? Has it really happened?

I opened the app today and for the first time was able to link a dropbox folder and it auto downloaded my files. I went offline and everything seemed to still work.

Before I get excited, can anyone confirm this new functionality?

I’m not sure if it auto downloads automatically or if there is a setting. I did delete a folder in dropbox and it updated the linked folders in the app as well.

I know that I have been awaiting this, as many of you have.


I would like to be able to stream music from Dropbox or similar without having to download and store it locally.


What app are we talking about? Djay Pro AI? If so, how has it appeared and under what section did it appear?

I’m also looking for that as I have a number of tracks, videos on Dropbox and it would be great to simply link a folder rather than importing. However the ability for the app to read the folder content and display bpm and key is still a must

Here’s how to add a DropBox file or folder:

Firstly have the DB App on your phone, next, in the Files app make sure you can see Dropbox on the Browse page. If you can’t, hit edit and switch DB on.

Now in DJay, select Files as the source, click add files or add folders, when it takes to Files navigate back to the Browse section, select DB and find your files to add to Djay.

You can only download, no streaming possible.



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