Dropbox songs aren't stored on device; constantly re-loading after switching away from the app for a minute


I love Djay 2 (and its previous iteration) on my iPad and iPhone, and I use it frequently for media work, mostly because of the playback controls, waveform display for searching for start points for specialized playback, and also because I occasionally like to scratch for no good reason.

I frequently use the “Open in…” function to load daily mixes of music or audio files from Dropbox into Djay, since that’s one of the easiest ways to get an audio file on my phone without going through the iTunes library. (I frequently have new versions of audio compositions that I need to play back on sets and in the studio, sometimes being updated more than once in a given day, and it just doesn’t make sense to add them each to iTunes and then sync, when clients and collaborators are often emailing me Dropbox links or placing them in shared folders).

The problem is that there doesn’t appear to be any way to permanently save a Dropbox-loaded song or audio file into the Djay library. In other words, as soon as I switch to a different app for more than a few minutes, the cache apparently is cleared and I have to download the song in Dropbox and send it to Djay a second time. Sometimes I need to use this functionality when in a remote area, away from wifi or cell signal (or even just need my phone on airplane mode so it doesn’t ring halfway through a session, but I still am using it for audio playback), so I pre-load the song before going into the internet-free zone.

It’s a constant source of frustration for me and I wanted to write you guys to ask if I’m doing it wrong, or if there’s some way that Dropbox files could be added to a playlist and saved to my device (probably only accessible through Djay), so I don’t have to constantly re-load things.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions! I’d love to get this sorted out. I’ve seen similar apps do the thing I want it to do, so I know it’s somehow possible.


Garrett Gibbons