Drum 'n' Bass vs Techno BPM Display Results

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  • Device model: MacPro 12 Core (Mid 2010) 2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
  • Version of operating system: macOS Monterey 12.7.3
  • Version of djay: 5.1.2
  • Hardware/controllers used: DDJ1000

Your question:
I’m mostly a Techno DJ, but recently I started experimenting more with breaks and beats, hardcore and drum ‘n’ bass vibes. It’s only a silly thing… but when I analyse Drum ‘n’ Bass or Hardcore playlists that I hace created I get all results like 88 and more and some less… as a Techno DJ, that would be a very slow track, but I know from playing a 88 track… it’s super fast… I know this has something to do with the /2 & x2 option on the UI, as when I change it, it displays at 176bpm… is there a way to have all my Drum ‘n’ Bass and Hardcore playlists displaying at the normal style BPM values I’m used to…? or is this just how it is with this style of music…?


Please read the manual. The settings offer the ability to set a range for the BPM.


go to settings / library / bpm analysis range
and set it to 128-255
then reanalyse all track that have the wrong bpm

Regards junglist! :wink:

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Hey @JiPenade Thank you sooooo much. That worked perfectly on a new, fresh playlist that I just created… but I just went back over an older playlist that I analyzed using the previous settings and they are staying put at the previous BPM analysis… I even tried cloning that playlist in TIDAL and deleted the previous version… but as the system has already scanned those tracks at the old setting… they stay the same.

Is there a way to FORCE SCAN a playlist all over again, so that your new solution is applied to already scanned tracks…?

Thank again for all your generous help and assistance @JiPenade

Could you recommend any top-class underground Jungle or Drum & Bass Labels… I have a few of the old skool classics like Homegrown Records, Slammin Vinyl Records, Basement Records, Formation Records, Production House Records… but they are all more RAVE, Hardcore styleeee… I love either classy D’n’B like LTJ Bukem or more dark adn intelligent stuff from the likes of dBridge and Calibre… any recommendations…?



could you try to load a track to a deck to see if it anayze it again ?
if not i’ve no solution sorry… perhaps you can try to open a feature request through Djay help menu…

anyway here are some jungle/dnb labels i know : Jungle cakes, Hospital Records, RAM Records, Metalheadz, Souped up records, Overview music, Dispatch recordings, Weapons of choice recordings, Hyperactivity music


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Here’s a label for you also… and it’s absolute class.

Enjoy!! :slight_smile:

This is my profile on TIDAL, you might find some interesting stuff on here also.


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Another few top class underground labels I just came across also:

  1. Holding Hands Records
  2. Scuffed Recordings
  3. Dance Trax

You might like or totally hate… :slight_smile: I’m loving them, so fresh and underground sounding

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